Annual Report 2022

The Ecett network has been in existence for fifteen years and from 2006 to 2013 benefited from major European subsidies for pilot projects. This made it possible to develop and test the Ecett teaching method. The network then became a non-profit association to perpetuate the action and bring to life what you will read below. This international project has been running since 2012 thanks to a team of nearly 20 volunteers from 8 countries in Europe.

Meeting in 2023 of the Ecett-Networks Steering Committee

Cover photo: meeting in 2023 of the Ecett-Networks Steering Committee composed of representatives of the national helpdesks.

International internships

In 2022, 57 people started a traineeship application and defined their learning objectives and 49 international traineeships were carried out in 2022 in the framework of Mobility Erasmus+.

Organisation Country Trainees

Trempoline Belgium 12

L’Espérance Belgium 4

Alises Belgium 6

Argo Greece 10

Caritas Malta 8

Etoile d’Espérance Mauritius 2

Magdalena Czech Republic 6

Total 49 trainees in 2022


Good practices

33 good practices were added to the two good practice databases:

  • Trainees wrote 19 Good Practices which were validated and published in 2022 on the Ecett platform.
  • 14 good practices were presented by experts during the webinars and published on the Ecett platform.


Support to Mobility Erasmus+ applications

Key Action 1:

  • Beginning 2022, Ecett supported 7 Belgian and French associations that applied to Erasmus+ for Mobility Grants in February 2022. Six applications were successful and enabled the associations to meet their peers abroad and to pay a contribution to Ecett-Networks for the coordination of the network.
  • The new call for applications launched by Erasmus+ at the end of 2022 for internships in 2023-2024 was the opportunity to support 9 associations in the Ecett network:

    – 4 associations in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation,

    – one in France (Brittany)

    – one in Flanders

    – one in Malta,

    – one in Italy

    – one in Spain.

    The results will be known in May 2023.

    Participation in Erasmus+ Partnership projects Key Action 2:

    • Four foreign associations have included Ecett in their Partnership projects.
    • UCAIRE by Fédération Addiction, France, Theme: Mobility, Academy and EFTC 2026 Conference.
    • Fresh Start by Projecto Homem, Portugal, Theme: professional reintegration.
    • AMELIE by ASEV, Italy, Theme: Peer support
    • ATOMON by Kethea, Greece, Theme: Sport and Therapy
    • The results of the selection process will be known in July 2023.


    Ecett Academy

    • A team of partners has been set up to implement the Ecett Academy and the website has been created. The website contains two databases:
    • one database contains the profiles of 40 trainers
    • another database contains all the courses available
    • These two databases constitute the catalogue of the Academy.
    • The Academy was officially launched at the EFTC conference in Glasgow in September 2022.


The Academy held five webinars in 2022 on five themes:


  • Addiction treatment
  • Families, partnerships and networks
  • Target groups: adolescents, women, dual diagnosis, etc
  • Low threshold access, harm reduction, substitution and prevention
  • Management, project management and human resources, quality control and other.

A total of 14 good practices were presented by experts and published on the e-learning platform


Inter-sectoral internships in the Youth and Mental Health Sector in Belgium.

In 2022, the CLI steering committee has prioritised the “discovery” meetings (from half a day to one day) in May 2022 and postponed the “long” courses (from 2 to 5 days) until later. See The CLI-Ecett group continued to meet and develop the project. The Ministry of Social Affairs and the AVIQ granted €2,000 to Ecett-Networks.


Pilot experiment in Africa

Ecett continued the exchange of practices between ANUPF and Trampoline concerning the animation of self-help groups for parents in Bukavu. Political tensions between Rwanda and the DRC prevented a group course from being held in Rwanda. An alternative course is planned for Burundi.



Two Ecett newsletters were sent due to technical problems. They include the presentation of good practices from the webinars. The mailings were delayed due to a very slow running-in of the new address list on Suite-CRM.



Ecett-Networks’ income comes from three sources:

  • the contributions of the partner associations that have carried out Mobility courses and that contribute €140 per course: €4,640
  • donations: the King Baudouin Foundation: 3.000€ (paid in 2021)
  • subsidies from the AVIQ, Ministry of Social Affairs of the Walloon Region: 2.000€.
  • Others: 140€.

Total income: 9.780 €/Total expenditure: 10,102€.

Ecett team

Ecett-Networks is a large European network but a very small association.

In 2022, 19 people contributed to the activities of Ecett-Networks. All Ecett employees are volunteers, except for the coordinator.

A permanent team works part-time every week (Per.)

The board of directors meets 4 times a year (Board)

Steering Committee: met for two days in Belgium in January 2023 (SC)

The Academy team meets monthly by videoconference.

The table with all the team members and the instances in which they participate:

  • Permanant team (Per)
  • Board members (Boa)
  • Academy (Aca)
  • Steering committee (SC)
Names  Coun try Functions    Per Boa SC Aca
Georges van der Straten BE President of association and central helpdesk.   x x x x
Fabienne Vanbersy BE Network coordinator, paid 4h/week, Helpdesk for Belgium   x   x x
Monika Fasula PL announcement webinars (6 months)   x      
Bruno Da Silva BE realization new website (6 months)   x      
Olena Kirianova UA finalisation of website (6 months)   x      
Andrea Ascari Ceis Reggio Emilia, IT manager of e-learning platforms Ecett-International, CLI-Ecett and of the Academy project    x x x x
Paulina Aguila BE Trempoline, Helpdesk in Belgium        x x
Medeea Craciun RO realization of new Ecett flyer (6 months)   x   x  
Zdenka Effenberger  CZ Magdalena, Helpdesk in Czech Rep.     x x x
Natacha Delmotte  BE asbl Trempoline, helpdesk in Belgium     x x  
Begonia Gomez Del Campo ES Proyecto Hombre, Helpdesk in Spain        x x
Michal Budniakiewicz  PL PFST, Poland       x x
Krassimira Totcheva  FR CEID, Bordeaux, Helpdesk in France       x x
Nicolas Bourguignion FR CEID Bordeaux, France       x  
Krzistof Sadejko IT CeisFormazione, Italy       x x
Javier De Las Heras IRL CoolmineTC, Helpdesk in Ireland       x x
Delphine Vigny BE Ellipse, Belgium       x  
Theodora Prodromidou GR Argo, Helpdesk in Greece       x x
Umberto Cao IT Univertité de Pau, France         x



I often have the impression that the Ecett network is progressing too slowly, that there are a lot of tasks but few part time permanent staff to carry them out. I think that instead of choosing a bee as a logo for Ecett, we should have chosen the turtle. But the turtle is making progress year after year and the fable tells us that the tortoise finally arrives before the hare.

 Annual Report 2022