Testimonials of trainees

Amandine Tombini from Alises/CAAT-  After internship at CEID Additions – France

“During my internship, the prevention work and the work with families were retained. In terms of preventive work, I think that the hangover cafe and the buses around schools are good tools to facilitate prevention among young people.   We retain the principle of peer support, which is a concept that we have recently implemented in our center”.

Laura Angelini- from Alises/ALBA – after internship at Centre Hospitalier Esquirol- France

“In terms of “cognitive remediation”, we found it interesting that individual assessments with evaluation scales were carried out at the beginning of each patient’s follow-up. This convinced us that the place of a neuro-psychologist could be very important in our team!  We are therefore looking forward to being able to combine our current group care with more individualized support. We were able to bring back some ideas to develop here”. 

Simon Vanhoegaerden- Le Biseau, Belgium – After visit of Envol 22-France

“We discovered new or different approaches to drug problems with the primary objective of harm reduction. The experience motivates the creation of new projects”