Testimonials after internship at Center Hospitalier Esquirol

Testimonials ASBL Alises/ALBA – After internship at Center Hospitalier Esquirol – France

Our “innovative” vision of psychiatry is a movement that seems to extend to Marseille.
We have been able to observe some interesting practices:
– opening up to the outside world and the “ordinary” environment (decentralised workshops in the ordinary environment)
– Existence of a training centre for beneficiaries, by beneficiaries on the theme of “recovery” (COFOR)
– Existence of a computerised tool to target the needs of the person, taking into account only their projects personal. (POP’S tool)
Some practices have positively challenged us and at the moment we are already thinking about how to transpose them into our work.


The exchanges were interesting.
Our host was very concerned about doing things right and we thanked him very much.
We were able to compare the insertion methods used in Italy and the one we use in Belgium.
We realise that even in Italy the tools work with an elite of the population received
Very rewarding overall.


In terms of “cognitive remediation”, we found it interesting that individual assessments with evaluation scales were carried out at the beginning of each patient’s follow-up. This convinced us that the place of a neuro-psychologist could be very important in our team!
As far as individual support in Limoges is concerned, it allows for a more detailed follow-up of each patient, with more formalisation of each patient’s objectives. We are therefore looking forward to being able to combine our current group care with more individualised support.
We also noted that the C2RL in Limoges is more specialised than we are in terms of socio-professional integration and we were able to bring back some ideas to develop here.
We came back with a great feeling of satisfaction!


We could see that recovery in mental health is a concept that is spreading and we discovered some tools used in France
The exchange with the host team was very interesting. They really wanted to share their practices with us and we had access to interesting elements (COFOR, GEM, etc.)
We are considering asking for access to a tool presented by the hostess, which could also be useful in our practice in Belgium.