Introduction to Bulletin n°30

In 2023, nine associations in the Ecett network obtained Mobility grants from various Erasmus+ agencies to carry out practice exchange placements in Europe.

  • Erasmus+ France: Fédération Addiction and Centre Rimbaud (accreditation).
  • Erasmus+ Belgium: Thaïs (Liège), Infirmiers de rue (Brussels) and De Kiem (Flanders).
  • Erasmus+ Malta: Caritas Malta
  • Erasmus+ Spain: Proyecto Hombre
  • Erasmus+ Italy: CeisFormazione (Modena) accreditation.
  • Erasmus+ Ireland: CoolmineTC (Dublin) accreditation.

In addition, there are 6 associations that have been awarded grants in 2022 and are carrying out placements in 2023. The Ecett network  is alive!


Would you like us to help you obtain Mobility grants so that you can meet your peers in other countries and exchange good practice? Contact before December 2023. 


In addition, four Belgian and French associations have started using the fledgling Ecett Academy, based on good practices, for online training and coaching sessions. Some partners are combining the two systems: courses abroad and online and on-site training.


Finally, here are two good practices in support of low-threshold drug users:

Tremp’Ose in Charleroi (Belgium) and Salamandre in Namur (Belgium). Enjoy your reading!