Cookbook recipes on crisis management in the process of addiction treatment

What to do with families if crisis in link with the Therapeutic Community 


Work with families in Magdaléna 

● Therapeutic groups (online, F2F) 

● Family Saturdays 

● Family Weekend Stays in the TC 

● Individual consultations Cookbook – what is it for? 


Situations which make parents anxious and which are repeated 

● each specific situation has one recipe 

● emphasis on practical information for parents of addicted adult children, for example: 

1. Gazpacho soup : cold tomato soup 

● premature leaving of the community, what to do: connect with team – ask for the information from both sides 

● don’t offer living at home – make the leaving complicated 

2. Little snacks : small taste for small something 

● appetite for drugs, what to do: 

● don´t panic, it´s normal 

● don’t take the responsibility for it instead of your child – ask him what he plans to do 

3. Cabbage rolls : hidden taste 

● shared secret, what to do: 

● stay in connection with the therapist of your child 

● don’t “betray” your child with disclosure of secret but make him/her be responsible for it 

4.Multi-level cake : different levels of the cake 

● transition to the higher phase of treatment is not successful: 

● ask for the concrete reasons what happened 

● When the transition happens easily it doesn’t have to be the best way for abstinence 

5.Lemon sauce : sour taste 

● non-compliance with the agreement, what to do: 

● don´t be afraid to open it during the individual consultation 

● openness is the main tool on the way to the abstinence 

6.Goulash: mix of flavors and spices 

● 1st time weekend-out from the TC, what to do: 

● don´t give extra money to your child 

● it´s usual he/she meets “toxic” friends from the past, don´t hesitate to share your feelings 

7.Fondue : food we can share 

● you as a parent can choose with whom you share your troubles with addiction of your child 

● You have no obligation to answer unpopular questions to everybody 

● To keep up the system of lies is exhausting 

8. Cheese triangles : food with 3 corners 

● a triangle in the therapy process is necessary 

● We need to be in touch: client – parent -psychotherapist otherwise the treatment is not that successful 

● when we miss one part of the triangle we miss important part 

9. Dessert : we serve dessert after the main menu 

● aftercare service is necessary, what to do: 

● don´t underestimate the necessity of aftercare service 

● it´s important to concentrate on work as well as on the meeting with therapist 


The complete Cookbook encompasses dozens of recipes (see Czech version on the platform). Each parent receives a copy of the Cookbook recipes at the intake of their child in the TC. 


Thank You For Your Attention 

Klára Brázdová – Family Therapist 

Magdaléna, o.p.s. Czech Republic