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GP The Family Barbecue: Informal Therapy (BE)

By Florence Gratoir of the TC Trempoline (Belgium) Every year, the residents organise a day of meeting with the families around a big barbecue. They take care of the reception and the meals for more than 250 people around large tables where families and residents mix. This is part of therapy. Context The Trempoline therapeutic programme is built on the Italian community model “Progetto Uomo”. 45 residents are welcomed for an 18-month programme, including 3 months in the Welcome phase,

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GP The WaB Network: an initiative created by and for addiction workers (BE)

By Amélia Ramackers from WaB Network (Belgium) The WaB Network brings together different types of addiction services every month to cooperate and compose care pathways for users with complex and chronic situations for whom there is no or no longer any alternative at local level. Observation Some addicted persons have great difficulty finding their place in the care system or wander from one service to another, in disorder and without progressing. History In 2003, Trempoline organised a training course based

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GP Family Day in Aubervilliers (FR)

By Elodie Plandé from Aurore TC (France):  Every two months the residents of the Aubervilliers TC invite their relatives to  the TC. They prepare this day by weekly discussion groups based on their genogram, sculptures, etc. The aim is to put words to the problem of dependency and family relationships in order to restore emotional links. Objectives To include the family dynamics within the resident’s recovery process, to integrate the relatives in the relapse prevention work. Involve relatives in the

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