Good Practices

In the Ecett learning methodology, each internship is based on the needs and learning goals described by the trainees under the supervision of a helpdesk and negotiating with the host institution.

During their internships, trainees are encouraged to identify and describe a Good Practice describing a method of work of their host directly related to their training goals.

Good practices are examined by two “tutors” chosen by the helpdesks and by Ecett-Networks that are each professional with more than five years of experience in the field. The Good Practices are then stored on the E-Learning platform.

There are more than 400 Good Practices classified into 3 sections: Youth Social Work and Addictions.

Since 2021, there are also good practices taught by experts during the webinars organized by the Good Practice Based Academy.

Links to database of Good Practises

Good Practises from 2008 to 2014

Good Practises from 2015 to present

Good Practises of webinars

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