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The Ecett network has over 300 partner institutions in the following sectors: addiction, social work, youth and psychiatry. These partners can host trainees within the framework of the ethical charter below

The principle of mentoring by Ecett is based on the hosting of professionals by other professionals with expertise. The Ecett host database contains the contact details of all partners who are willing to host trainees for a few days

Ethics for adherents to Ecett-Networks

1. “Ecett-Networks Charter”

Commitment of the trainees and host institutions.

Promoting exchanges of experience in a spirit of simplicity and sharing in order to make internships accessible to all.

The trainee is considered as an intern in the host team and as such, he respects the obligations and ethics. He will ensure a proactive, respectful and grateful attitude towards his host.

Hosts, be careful at the welcoming of the trainees. These are the “little extras” that facilitate the integration of the new arrived. Being welcomed encourages future warm welcoming of peers. Welcome makes possible the trip and transmission of skills.

The trainee receives support from the helpdesks in the timeline of the project. However the applicant remains the main actor of his learning process, in agreement with his hierarchy.

The host institution undertakes to comply with the agreement (doc. 2a) announced to the trainee and indicated in the travel file by report:

-monitoring by the spokesperson of the host institution

-the logistic conditions: meals, transport, accommodation

-the program of activities (doc 2 b)

All data of clients of the host center are strictly confidential. Anonymity service users is respected in all the writings of the trainees.

Priority will always be given to the clients and users of the host service. Everything must be done so that the service to internal/external clients is not bothered by the organization of a visit or a course.

2. Criteria to be partners in Ecett-Networks

The organization of the intern must have signed a partnership agreement with Ecett- Networks.


Abide with the charter of ethics of Ecett-Networks.


Appoint and delegate a member of staff as spokesman to organize the reception of trainees.

3. Code of ethics of host institutions

By adhering to the Ecett network, trainees and their host institutions marked their support to rules and values of the host institution.


They are therefore committed to respecting this “code of ethics” of their hosts as well as any special provisions for the professional network of which the host is a member (ask your host).

To become a member of Ecett-Networks, simply send your motivated request to Membership is free. You will be contacted by our helpdesk to sign the partnership agreement.

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