About us

Knowledge exchange is knowledge creation


Ecett-Networks is an association that organises knowledge exchanges between professionals in the human services sector based on the companionship model. 

We build catalogues of expertise, trainers and training places for professionals and teams.

Your Ecett network has many partners and is coordinated by a steering committee with one representative per organisation-helpdesk (see logos of helpdesks at bottom of the page).


Adapting to a rapidly changing context

Achieve a maximum of objectives with a minimum of resources

Complement your academic training with field practice

Meet practitioners who are doing a similar job to yours, but in a different context and with different practices!


The Ecett learning network is aimed at members of the Ecett partner organizations in 4 professional sectors:

  • Addictions
  • Social work
  • Youth
  • Psychiatry

How do we do it?

International Internships

Exchange of good practices on the following themes

  1. Community-based therapy
  2. Partnerships with families / networks
  3. Target groups
  4. Low threshold access
  5. Management of organisations

Good Practice Based Academy

A large offer of courses and trainers who share their good practices . The trainings are customised to your needs:  online or in presence, individually or in group, coaching, e-learning, blended learning…

 Free Webinars


An Ecett Helpdesk will help you identify the network’s resource institutions and formulate your questions in order to optimise the impact of your placement.

Youth and Mental Health intersectoral exchanges

Short internships in Belgium where professionals are guided by a helpdesk to institutions ready to welcome them according to their profile and objectives.

MOBILITY GRANTS for internships in Europe

The EU’s Erasmus+ programme gives organisations the opportunity to obtain travel grants so that their staff can meet their peers abroad.

Contact your Erasmus+ National Agency or see  www.erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu

The Ecett Central Office helps you to prepare your application for Mobility grants.


Ecett has been funded by the EU Leonardo da Vinci and awarded by six prizes in Europe:

Peer Awards for Excellence in United Kingdom

Training Journal in United Kingdom

Dep. of medicine, Charles University of Prague in Czech Rep.

CENA DZS, Czech Rep.

Kotan award of MONAR, Poland

Maison des Associations, Belgium

Ecett has been funded by the EU Leonardo da Vinci and awarded by six prizes in Europe:

To become a member of Ecett-Networks, simply send your motivated request to contact@ecett.eu. Membership is free. You will be contacted by our helpdesk to sign the partnership agreement.

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