Grants for Internships

For social workers:

Internship/Travel grants are awarded to enable them to visit their counterparts abroad and participate in their daily work for 2 to 5 days.

For the young people:


Through the program “Reasmus + Mobility”, 47 learning placements are awarded to the Youth Consortium run by   L’Amarrage, Braine l’Alleud in partnership with Ecett-Networks et 12 institutions of the Youth sector.

Details about Mobility grants for international exchanges financed by Erasmus+.

Offer of services for exchanges of practices at the national and European level

3 Main actors

  1. European Union: the Erasmus+ program offers the possibility to all organization dealing with professional training, reintegration of adults or assistance to youth to profit from Mobility travel grants in order to meet with foreign fellow-members and to exchange knowledge and good practices. These Mobility grants can be used for voyages going from 2 days to several weeks. The European Union pays the transport, housing and subsistence expenses during these trai observation internships as well as “organisational expenses” for the learning accompaniment. The next Mobility files will have to be introduced in February 2017 and preparation of applications should start in October 1016.
  2. The signatory organization of the Mobility contract: this is the organization which perceives subsidy and sends its personnel in formation abroad. This one must work out the application file, submit a final report (at the end of 2 years) and organize the internship exchanges. But all this represents an enormous work for the signatory organization and it is there that Ecett proposes a considerable help to you. This application can be done as a consortium including several organizations of the same country.
  3. Ecett-Networks NGO brings its experience and services to prepare the Mobility application file, to put the MECETT method at your disposal, with a follow-up of learners throughout the two years of the project and contributes to the final report to be delivered to the European Union. This offer of services includes free membership to the network Ecett, the access to the e-learning platform and various databases, newsletters, workshops for exchanges of good practice, etc. The signatory organization reverses to Ecett-Networks part of “organisational costs” paid by the EU (€ 350 for each Mobility scholarship). The applicant organization takes no risk. : all internships are paid and it retrieves € 140 for its own organizational expenses. The amount reversed at Ecett is:
         € 140 per course for the coordination of the network by Ecett-Networks
         € 70 for personalized support of each trainee by the helpdesk. This role can be done by the signatory organization (the bidder) after a training by Ecett-Networks. It takes a minimum of 20 courses (over 2 years) to justify the work of the application file. Erasmus + therefore provides the possibility of introducing Mobility applications as a “consortium”, by grouping several associations, i.e. : in 2016, Ecett helped two Belgian groups of associations to introduce consortium applications, one in the context of adults reinsertion (6 associations) and one in the context of youth assistance (14 associations).