GP Addiction sector

“A court for drug addists in Belgium”

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  • Host institution De Kiem, Belgium
  • Author: Johanna GOACHER from Phoenix futures UK Great Britain

The tribunal for drug addicts in Ghent/Gand (Belgium) is specialized to judge those who committed crimes related to their addiction. Kiem has an assistant to help each user whose case is treated by this Court. It seemed especially interesting, not only for the support it gives to the user, but also for the information relayed to the Court to talk about their evolution and about the services that users can access. The link established by this assistant between the user and the tribunal was relevant and clear and I think it would be useful in our services because the user is reassured to know that there is someone to support him/her and the tribunal is reassured to hear correct information allowing to make the best decision regarding the sentence to pronounce as a result of the crime.

The “Job Café” – Gruppo CEIS – Modena, Italie ceismodene-logo

Job Café is aimed at combining volunteerism, hospitality of the old, social reintegration, the intergenerational and the neighborhood life.

Located in a building in the city center but surrounded by a park, there are from 10 to 18h, a cafeteria offering snacks and soft drinks at low prices that can be served on the terrace when the weather allows it. Everyone is welcome.

The volunteers are former recipients of the CEIS services or their relatives who wish to share their experiences. They do the shopping, cooking, service, supervision of children and prepare the meals in a friendly and family atmosphere.

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