Ecett’s steering committee met in September 2019 in Thessaloniki (Greece) and opened ways for collaboration with the EFTC and for Erasmus + projects. Photo: from left to right, the participants in the meeting.
Natacha Delmotte (Trempoline, Belgium) – Xavier de las Heras (Coolmine, Ireland) – Zdenka Efenberger (Magdalena OPS) – Nicolas Bourguignon (CEID, France) – Georges van der Starten (Ecett-Networks) – Phaedon Kalotherakis (EFTC) – Jessicas Farias (Proyecto Hombre, Spain) – Paulina Aguila (Trempoline, Belgium) – Andrea Ascari (Ceis Reggio Emilia, Italy) – Fotis Panagiotounis (Kethea, Greece) – Christina Vasileou (Argo, Greece) – + Fabienne Vanbersy (Ecett-Networks)